Conference held on Saturday November 23rd 2002
at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1


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How to Participate

This is a peer event, which means that no-one is being paid to present (other than expenses where needed) - all LETS organisers are invited to share their successes and ask their questions. A small organising group has envisaged the framework and we invite you to come prepared to co-create this day with other members of the LETS community...We have had a tremendous response so far from our emailed invitations,eg Michael Linton, founder of LETS in Canada, is pledged to introduce us to his latest projects and a number of other computing enthusiasts will demonstrate their wares, Malcolm Currie, Coordinator of West Midlands LETS Registry, is going to report on his recent trip to Japan, we hope to have an input from Letslink Scotland, Cyfle Cymru LETS, and other areas of the UK. We are also going to learn about co-operatives and how to source locally grown food - the offers are still pouring in and we will not finalise the programme until the day but will keep inserting new titles as they come in.

Discussion Programme
We have had many offers of presentations but in order to give all those receiving this notice by post time to respond, we will hold the programme open until 20th November - however to avoid disappointment please respond as soon as possible: we envisage brief plenary introductions to workshop sessions following the five themes described overleaf, but we are also prepared to modify and expand that framework - please identify subjects you would like to see discussed even if you are not offering to make a presentation yourself - the discussion will continue afterwards.....

Musical Presentations
The cafe and main stage are available for live musical performances between plenary presentations during the day through to 11pm - don't be shy, this is your chance - please apply!

Displaying Information: Stalls and/or Leaflets
The Cooperative Group will have a major display, reflecting their sponsorship of the event. There is still space for other organisations to participate in this way and there is no charge for unfunded LETS stalls. If you do not want to be tied to a stall you can send by post or bring (as early as possible in the day) posters and a supply of leaflets for our information stall - priority will be given to LETS. Commercial services will be accommodated only if you are trading in LETS, and will be charged by volume.

Trading from your own stall or "Bring & Buy"
Space to trade goods or services, eg complementary therapies, will be given space on a commission-only basis and separate therapy rooms will be allocated according to demand. Alternatively you can participate in a shared London-wide-LETS stand Local LETS may combine presenting your own scheme with trading in your own currency - you may well find new members from conference participants - let us know which options you prefer.

Software Demonstrations
You may bring your own computer and we will provide space for you to set up your machine and demonstrate your LETS software, etc, but please advise us of your exact intentions in advance and arrive as early as possible, preferably between 8am and 9am.

Joining the Event
Please book in advance if at all possible, preferably on-line otherwise using the form, as this will save registration time when you arrive. There will also be a choice of workshops and interest groups which you can opt into on arrival. The joining pack will enable you to join the LETS-PLAY-LETS game which will be interwoven with the other activities of the conference and this will aim to be a basis for starting your ongoing real-life trading with other members of London-wide-LETS.