Conference held on Saturday November 23rd 2002
at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1


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Welcome to the LETS Co-operate Conference

You are invited to an Open Day for socialising, trading, learning and debate on Local Exchange Trading Systems & Co-operative Projects.

This event provides a shared "Open Space" to bring together all those who are using and developing complementary currencies, ie L.E.T.S. (Local Exchange Trading Systems, Time Money etc), with others doing all sorts of co-operative work in their own local communities.

There will be * a central 'sterling-free' area to trade goods and services for local currencies * an open 'market place of ideas', where groups and individuals can display their work using posters and leaflets and share ideas with one another * a main circular 'forum space' where themed topics can be discussed for fixed time slots * six workshop room spaces which can be used for complementary therapies, parallel workshops and rehearsals * an ongoing cafe/networking/ space * children's creche area * a computer demonstration and tuition room * cafe and main stage musical and light entertainment * performances through to 11pm.

Five main themes have emerged, underpinning the conference:

1. SOCIALISING & TRADING: this will be an opportunity for LETS members to renew old contacts and make new friends - for some it will be an opportunity to trade. What goods, skills and services would you like to offer that will enhance this trading day? Join us in a giant trading exercise to launch London "links" as our common currency....

2. STRUCTURAL & LEGAL: The LETS community has been divided in the past on its vision of LETS as either a private enterprise or a community association - the proposition is that a new "middle way" can be found, based on cooperative principles, the detailed workings of which will be explored.

3. ADMINISTRATIVE & TECHNICAL: Research has pointed to various short-comings of LETS schemes, and some organisers have become isolated with outmoded methods - this will be an opportunity for those who want to upgrade their technologies to meet with others who will bring demonstrations on computer of both standalone and web-based systems. There will also be the opportunity for organisers to share good practice, emphasising low-tech methodologies to support locally-based LETS.

4. LOCAL CO-OPERATIVE PROJECTS: We hope to see examples of innovation in the way LETS groups are outreaching by means of mutually supportive partnerships with community groups and local businesses. Other groups engaged in a variety of green/ sustainable/ local activities are also invited to participate.

5. GLOBAL ECONOMIC ISSUES: How does LETS fit into the bigger picture? Many have begun to realise that something is wrong with "the global monetary system" but can we contribute any solutions to the problem? This conference is an opportunity to become acquainted with a rapidly growing field of enquiry.