Local Solutions to Global Problems
a Conference to be held on Saturday 16th October 2004
at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1

Context of the Event

Developing the Programme

Planning the Logistics

The Economy of the Event

How to Participate

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Please use this form whether or not you can attend this event to register your details with us - it saves rekeying data. This form provides options for conference registration, membership, sponsorship and donations. Once you have decided on the amount you are paying there are three options for payment.
having completed this form post a cheque to Letslink London.
please ensure the email address matches your paypal account.
3. AT THE DOOR with a sterling cheque, or cash in sterling or euros.

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Membership of Letslink UK: This enables you to join our re-emerging support network for LETS in the UK, to contribute to our peer-research project, to benefit from our web service package. Please also send us relevant background information such as your newsletter, joining leaflets etc.
We are a group wishing to join Letslink UK for a subscription of
25 (unfunded)
50 (funded)
100 (well-funded)


Membership of Letslink London: This includes a trading account in the "links" currency
I am an individual wishing to join Letslink London for a fee of 10 or
I have already joined Letslink London
My LETS scheme is joining LETSlink UK (as above)


OFFERS: Here are Products and Services I would like to offer to the LETS community and specifically at this event (NB these are updatable at any time): You can use the list which follows as a checklist or copy and paste it into the box and amend it to suit what you want to say.

I would like to / book a stall for / present a story-board about / bring leaflets about / our organisation/ project _____.
I would like to bring items to sell / as follows eg crafts/ food/ books/ other _____.

I will bring computer hardware and/or demonstrate software for LETS.
I am willing to join / chair a seminar or panel discussion on ______.
I can offer my own paper/ poster/ video/
workshop/ performance:_____.
I can provide video/ PA/ photocopying/ other equipment as follows _____.

I can provide technical services, translation of papers (see also babels)
I can bring prepared food to share / flowers / table covers / tapes/cds
I can help prepare the space Wednesday 13th at Conway Hall, Friday 15th at Clement House, from 6pm -
I can help with stewarding / looking after babies or children / bringing, preparing and serving food / cleaning up / other_____.
I can offer therapy or emotional support sessions _______.
I can provide accommodation for _____ guests at our home on Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday.
I can provide transport as follows ____.

test message

WANTS: These are Products and Services I would like to obtain from the LETS community (NB these can be updated regularly). Please also use this space to request specific services at the Conference.
I would like to trade my services (noted above) for a Solidarity ticket/ food/ stored credits @£5/links per hour.
I need accommodation Wed/ Thurs/ Fri/ Sat for _______ people:
I would like to use a creche for my child, a boy/girl aged ______.
I need assistance with travel from ______ by train/ coach/ car/ air from:
I have other specific needs for the conference as follows _____.


FEES towards the Conference (also payable to LETSlink London)
I am paying 30 to attend the LETS Co-operate Conference.
I am paying in advance for lunch tickets @£5 per day =£20.
I would like to make a contribution for room hire at the village.

I would like to contribute towards the conference bursary fund
I would like to pay for a stand for my organisation at the village.
I would like to pay to have leaflets displayed or distributed to participants.
I would like to provide publicity for the event.

Please use the box below to provide further details of the above options indicating your requirement and approximate budget. You may also use this space to provide clarification of any payments you are making.

what I can do


Method of payment: please add Membership + Fees = TOTAL:
I will use PAYPAL
I will pay at the door, or
Please invoice my organisation as indicated above

I am sending a cheque to
LETSlink, 12 Southcote Rd, London N19 5BJ