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Please use the form below to register your group with LETSlink UK.
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Here are some basic details about my organisation, including its relevance to and interest in community currencies, and the particular mission or main target group for this scheme.

These questions are intended to establish the status of your group in relation to LETS.


If your group is an established or prospective LETS group please include details such as: the particular mission or ethos of your scheme, the catchment area (expressed as villages & towns, and/or postcodes, and/or geographical features) or interest group you are covering, your regular meeting place(s) and schedule, your next annual general meeting, and a wishlist of the support services you would like to receive from the LETSlink UK network.

LETSlink UK is currently seeking funding to support the ongoing work of strengthening our organisation and the services we can offer our members. Any subscriptions received will inspire confidence in our prospective funders, and start the process of building towards long-term sustainability of the organisation. If you have not subscribed for a number of years and you have funds to spare, please consider filling that gap by donating £25 for the interim years when you have not subscribed. If you are a funded organisation please consider making a donation above the basic #25 annual subscription, for example, £50 funded, £100 well-funded. If you are willing to support our work please send any donation you would like to give = £____

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