Partnership Agreement for the

London Green Map



The London Green Map Project


The London Green Map is an interactive map of London, which maps community activities contributing to local sustainable development. The London Green Map celebrates the diversity and creativity of our communities, and the ways they have found to make a green and healthy future a reality today.

Local residents can rediscover their London neighbourhoods, find where they can donate goods for re-use, grow their own food, join a park user group, buy from a farmers’ market, bring their kitchen waste to compost, support a local campaign and get their children to learn to cycle or get their hands in the soil.


The London Green Map project was initiated by London 21 in October 2002 with the green mapping of Haringey and Hackney. The trial phase was completed in March 2004 with the launch of a third pilot, Lewisham’s Big Green Map, and the dissemination of the ‘Green Maps for London Pack’, which has generated interest throughout the UK.

Green mapping has now started in another four London Boroughs, and contacts in another six boroughs have expressed an active interest in the process. Borough maps are printed locally, and there are plans to produce a large London-wide map.



The London Green Map Website


The London Green Map is searchable by entering your postcode to find the nearest community projects or activities, and the directory can be searched by category or key words. The directory is updated on an ongoing basis, and the website currently attracts over 12,000 visitors per month.


The London Green Map website was officially launched on 5th June 2004 and will be widely promoted throughout London over the next few months.


Further information on London 21 Sustainability Network and the London Green Map is available at: and



The Current Partners


The London Green Map has partnership agreements between organisations supporting action for sustainability in Greater London. Borough-wide partners so far include Haringey Agenda 21 Community Steering Group, Hackney Environment Forum, Lewisham Environment Trust, Community and Environment Project Office (CEPO) of Enfield, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, and London Borough of Lewisham. Thematic partners are: Energy Matters in London (CSE), London Community Recycling Network, and London Environmental Education Forum.


Becoming a London Green Map Partner


Partners to the London Green Map agree to share information about existing community projects in return for promotion of these projects on the map, and acknowledgement of the partner organisation in printed materials and on the website.


Commitments of London Green Map Partners:


·       Share information on community-based projects on their database, subject to members agreement – see Data Protection below

·       Provide a full postcode for the projects to be located on the Map

·       Promote the London Green Map to their members, local groups, networks and/or contacts


Commitments of London 21:




Data protection


No information must be shared, either by the partner organisation or by London 21, without the prior consent of the organisation or individual concerned.





All publicity material designed for the purpose of the London Green Map is the property of the London 21 Sustainability Network and cannot be used by any partners for any purpose other than promoting the London Green Map.



To Become a Partner


If you are interested in becoming a Partner please contact Vinciane Rycroft, London 21 on 020 7359 8228 or to discuss.


Please return a signed copy of this Agreement to: London 21 Sustainability Network, 5 Blackstock Road, London N4 2JF and keep a copy for reference.






I, …………………………………….., have read the full terms of the London Green Map Partnership Agreement above, and agree to the Data Protection conditions.


On behalf of ……………………… (name of the organisation), I am joining the London Green Map.



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