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The European Creative Forum (ECF) presents
Visions of Another World
ESF Culture Working Group (CWF) launch and the ECF
Saturday September 11th 2004

rampART creative centre, Rampart St E1 2LA

LAUNCH FOR PEACE-NOT-WAR VOLUME TWO (not available on general release until October) The anti-war CD to top all anti-war CDs. (Except for maybe P-N-W Vol 1) • First EXCLUSIVE chance to check out the grassroots, anti-war CD and see how they do it live....But wait! Hold your horses! Before we get into all of that....In association with www.peace-not-war.org and uniteddiversity.com, europeancreativeforum.org are bringing you another day packed with films, workshops, discussions, talks, exhibitions and live performances.....

The day will start with a performance from RHYTHMS OF RESISTANCE at 1pm, so make sure you're there good and early, or you'll be missing out on an excellent performance (which will get us all warmed-up for a nice bit of visionary thinking...)
Then we move into the assembly - a chance for everyone to offer an activity. As ever, we come together under the banner of 'Visions of Another World' and this time we're asking everyone to consider the question 'How will we create the world we want?'. ECF operates by self-organisation, so you can offer something at any time, right up until the assembly, and we just work together to fit it all in. Listed below are the workshops and discussions which have been proposed already. Please contact becca@europeancreativeforum.org if you would like to offer an activity or just turn up on the day and between us we'll be able to sort it out. So....what have we got?

This workshop looks at free software, land trusts, open co-ops, currencies, renewable energy, community wireless/broadband, ecological building, permaculture design, ecovillages, city farms, community gardens, infoshops and social centres etc...All the tools we need to build a global network of sustainably managed commons.
NB: 2 FREE CDs for everyone who attends this workshop. - Tools for Change: packed full of everything you could ever need to know. - The Open CD: packed full of quality free software - check www.uniteddiversity.com

PARADOX - Performance Poet, Earth Wizard and Galactic Federation Agent - Inspiring, Informing and Empowering through Poetic Dreamspells, Matrix Decoding and Telepathy Workshops

PACHAMERICANA (non-colonial word for America South of California) - Proper Propaganda with Coca-Killa and funky Gandhi printing on lovely, organic t-shirts and more Bolivarian banner-painting for October's many demonstrations...

REPROGRAMMING THE DESENSITISED - Some proper news. And news about the news. Dicussing today's mainstream and alternative media.

RISING TIDE - Information about climate change from the lovely Tim.

SUBVERTISE - These guys are planning something very creative and very subversive. Say no more...(but do check them out on the day. Will be a chance to see the results of your creativity being put to good use. Intrigued? You should be...these guys have got something huge planned, but we can't go into detail online...)

SOCIAL CENTRES - Info about reclaiming and recycling spaces.

WOMEN'S GLOBAL STRIKE - Information and discussions about their action - Venezuela: a 21st Century Revolution

MOBILE CARNIVAL PLANNING MEETING - A chance to get involved in our outrageous and spectacular plans for the ESF, 14th - 17th October. Discussing possible routes and strategies.

CREATING THE WORLD WE WANT - Replacing traditional government with new organisational models plus plus plus loads of participatory activites. banner making, puppet making, networking and more and more and more!
There will also be a big ol' bunch o'films, discussions and presentations to educate and entertain us in the cinema space....oooh....let me tell you about the films....(seemingly film makers are currently being particularly inspired by the actions of our friends in pachamericana....!)

THE VACUUM CLEANER - 'VIDEO THAT SUCK' - Before the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination hits the streets of London during ESF here‚s a chance to taste what‚s to come. A one hour tour through British, American and Europe works of art activism. Cheeky, to the point yet always fun, works will include, reverend billy and the stop shopping gospel choir (USA) - re-tag/re-code.com (USA) - yomango (Spain) n.a.t.o (uk) space hijackers (uk) my dads strip club (uk) ourselves (nomads) and much more.

VENEZUELA BOLIVARIANA - PEOPLE AND STRUGGLE OF THE 4TH WORLD WAR - free dvd available of this seminal documentary about Venezuela's democratic revolution


- "I saw some graffiti on the street and I just wanted to check out who wrote down these words"


STEPHANIE BLACK - LIFE PLUS DEBTS - A documentary about the effect of economic globalization in Jamaica.

ART EXHIBITIONS will, as ever, be going on throughout the building. The whole space will be filled with creative expressions of various peoples visions, so if you would like to contribute please contact emma@europeancreativeforum.org. Emma's email has been playing up, so if you've tried to contact her and she hasn't responded, please do try again!

The LIVE STAGE will start at 7pm and is bursting with Peace-Not-War musicians, including GERTRUDE (who just confirmed after the success of the gig at rampART last Saturday), CARPETFACE (feat. Freefall Collective) (tbc...he's been very busy in America and has only just returned, so let's hope he's not too jet lagged!) UNPEOPLE, ROBB JOHNSON, DUTTI HAIRY, ANGEL, THE RUB, PARADOX, DISORIENTALIST, FUNDAMENTAL.

And for the hardcore, there's all manner of exciting things going on into the wee hours. EARTH CIRCUS will be performing early in the day. We know of two after parties (till dawn), but you'll have to be at rampART to find out secret locations. Workshops might even continue elsewhere on the 12th (any offers, contact becca@europeancreativeforum.org)... But that's a whole other story that takes place in a whole other space.. .(ooooh! details announced sat 11th at 9pm)

FOOD on the day will be provided by rampARTS. (excellent website - www.rampart.co.nr) And we'll have organic beer too. Any offers of help with anything are always gratefully received. Do you want to help us set up? Clear up? Cook? Help out with the bar? Help on the door? Contact shane@europeancreativeforum.org, or becca@europeancreativeforum.org. Joining in these tasks provides even more opportunity to network and have a laugh at the same time.

See you on the 11th. Bring a friend. Bring your mum. Don't bring your pets, unless they can self-organise kennels. - Peace - Bec
The Creative Forum is an open space for all people to express creative visions of another world including:
* harmony * inclusivity * participation * empowerment * authentic communication

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