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September 2003: National LETS "Health-Check" CO-OPERATIVE SURVEY - page under construction
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Malcolm says: “Your assistance is appreciated. Please spare a few minutes to answer a few questions about the current state of your LETS scheme. Your answers will be used for statistical purposes in a presentation at the end of September at Kobe University, Japan. If you can add any anecdotal material on your experience with LETS and other community currencies; and also any opinions on the state of LETS in your region, I should be most grateful. I can use such material as either quotations or as unattributable, according to your preference. NB Deadline - please reply BY RETURN!

Name of person completing this Questionnaire:
Your position in relation to the LETS scheme, eg coordinator, contact, webmaster, etc:
Email address of person completing questionnaire (NB this will not be given out):
Name of LETS Group described in the answers below
May we identify your LETS Group in a presentation
(with particular reference to additional comments - see below)?

Yes:   No:


LETS "Health Check" Questions: NB Results will not identify individual groups. Where exact figures are not available immediately or at all, please give estimated answers, or just answer the multi-choice questionss - if you use hours rather than currency, just answer that option. Exact figures can be added later if they become available.

YEAR in which your Group was founded (or projected launch date if new):
CURRENT NUMBER of "paid-up" or actively participating MEMBERS:
Do your Group's MEMBERSHIP numbers seem to be: Rising:   Stable:   Falling:
MAXIMUM number of active/ paid-up Members you have had at any one time?
In which YEAR was that?
Total Number of Members who have been involved SINCE THE GROUP STARTED.
Describe the PURPOSES of EVENTS your Group holds (choose all which apply):

Planning:   Induction:   Social:
Trading:   Outreach:   Political:


Questions about Trading Turnover for your LETS Group -
please count aggregated transactions once, not twice

Does the level of RECORDED TRADING within your group seem to be: Rising:   Stable:   Falling:
Total Number of LETS Transactions by your Group: April 2002 to April 2003:
Total Turnover in sterling-equivalent LETS currency: April 2002 to April 2003:
Total Turnover expressed as HOURS (if applicable) from April 2002 to April 03:
Do you feel that the level of UNRECORDED TRADE in your group is: Rising:   Stable:   Falling:
Please use one of these options to describe the overall state of your LETS group: New:   Healthy:   Declining:   Folded:
Do you keep in touch with other LETS and similar groups in your area? Yes:   No:
If you DO have contact with nearby LETS groups please give brief details:

Feel free to add any other comments to support and illuminate the above.

Please note that as this survey is unfunded we do not have to serve any external agenda. Our purpose is solely to increase knowledge and communications within the membership of LETSlink UKin order to improve the standards of running LETS schemes, systems, and time-banks. This is only the first stage of what we envisage as an ongoing research project and there are many other important factors that we would like to feature in the next stage, once we have had a reasonable response from this initial set of questions. So please do feel free to add any general comments including suggestions for more survey questions for the next stage of our co-research: