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JOINING: Individual or Group Membership of LETSlink UK

LETSlink UK is moving into a new phase. When we began in 1991 we aspired towards information-sharing but depended on photocopy and postage. However, we now have the technical means to enable more immediate participation. Benefits of LETSlink UK membership include: automated referral of new enquiries from the national website, national resource exchange and intertrading, lower attendance fees at regional and national events, as well as the opportunity to volunteer or vote for regional trustees on the Board of LETSlink UK. See here, we are in the process of drafting a new Constitution.

LETSlink provides web-based systems and development services to member-groups only, including management advice, graphic design, web-hosting, and technical support and training. We tailor our work to match your specific requirements and budget, and are also looking to facilitate peer-to-peer support. If you are looking to join LETSlink UK, please in the first instance, look for a local group to join, by following the Map Links.

Benefits of membership include inclusion in news broadcasts and survey reports, access to our Discussion Forum, preferential rates at Conferences. Subscriptions are the same as in 1998 - £25 per annum, we have also introduced a sliding scaleof fees from £10 individual, £25 group, to £50 funded and £100 for funded organisaions You can add back payments if you have funds available. Likewise well-funded organisations may contribute more than the minimum. However, if you are in financial difficulties, we will take your circumstances into account.

We will manage this process by means of our own uk-wide LETS currency - which we plan to operate through a series of hubs, to provide maximum flexibility.Joining fees may be sent to LETSlink UK, 12 Southcote Road, London N19 5BJ. Tel: 020-7607-7852q

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