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LETS Link London

was set up as a forum for organisers of LETS in London in September 1993. Following a year's planning through a steering group chaired by John Jopling, Letslink London became a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Aims on 19th August 1997.

Current Trustees are Mary Fee (Secretary), who also runs the Pathways Network, Dr John Courtneidge of the Fair World Project, and Chris Cook, of Partnerships Consulting, Rodney Shakespeare of the Global Justice Movement, and Janos Abel of the London Global Table. We intend to appoint more trustees as our work develops especially from amongst senior people in the LETS movement in the London and Southeast.

We consider ourselves to be part of the LETSlink UK network, and our priority is to hold contact details of local schemes operating in the greater London area and support them at the very least by acting as a network for information. We are currently seeking funding to enable to provide more substantial support.

We publish an occasional Newsletter which is open to individual subscriptions 5, organisations 20. In either case add 5 for a trading account, in London-wide LETS to: Letslink London, 12 Southcote Road, London N19 5BJ.

We are also in the process of launching the London-wide LETS scheme which local groups can join on behalf of their members, but is also open to individuals. We need committed help to get this off the ground - if you are interested please get in touch.

LLL ran the first LETS Co-operate Conference on 23rd November 2002 and the second one took place on Saturday 16th October 2004 to coincide with the third European Social Forum 14-17th October 2004, which brought many visitors to London and inspired the founding of the European Creative Forum.

As part of our outreach effort, we e continue to be involved with such pan-London organisations as the London Social Forum, London 21, London Civic Forum, London Voluntary Services Council, London Advice Services Alliance, Co-operatives UK, Social Enterprise London, The Network Project

- and last but not least the London Global Table - where we are to be found on Wednesdays from about 12 noon unless prevented by another commitment. We also try to attend AGMs of local LETS groups in London, and core group meetings when our help is requested for system upgrades and general advice.