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Trading in "Links"

"Links" is the name of the currency which is being developed to trade across London. Why are links needed? If you are new to this and you see London as a community worth trading in, you won't need to ask this question. But if you are a member of a LETS scheme in a particular borough and you want to trade with a someone is a member of another LETS scheme somewhere else in London, you may have an expectation that somehow or other the schemes will cooperate and help you transfer one currency into another. This is called "intertrading" and it has been established successfully as a working system between groups of schemes in certain parts of the country. Schemes in London (or anywhere actually) can join "links", and if they do, they may be able to figure out how to do the intertrading thing for their members, but it may take some time firstly to get an agreement and then to transact the trade..... You can ask your scheme organisers, but if you can't get a sensible answer within a reasonable period of time, you can join "links", or just save yourself and your organisers the hassle and join links anyway.... You can join by sending 10 with your address, phone number, your e-mail address and a list of your Offers and Wants to: LLL at 12 Southcote Road, London N19 5BJ.


These lists are still being collated from the 150 or so members who have already joined, and as soon as we can get them into decent shape they will be published both in paper format and on this web page. Meanwhile if you are absolutely desperate for a particular service, phone 020-7607-7852 and your helpful, but busy administrator, will search the fields already filled and find you some contacts.


Unlike most LETS schemes, we will not be keeping long-term lists of requests because if the system works they will soon be out of date. They will be published for a limited period only but may be renewed another time. And in the interim we are publishing urgent requests to our e-mail list, which includes some contacts who have not actually joined. However, we are offering favourable terms for people joining as a result of supplying urgent requests, that we will take their joining fee in links. A new trading area has now opened up HERE.