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Starting a LETS Scheme

Who to contact: if you are thinking of starting a scheme, first of all find out if there is a group near you which you could join - see the page - Schemes in London. This especially applies to organisations who are supporting marginalised groups of people. Your first idea might be to set up a scheme for people to trade within their own segregated group but you will do your clients or friends more of a favour if you introduce them to the possibility of linking with other people in their neighbourhood, and save them the considerable trouble of running their own scheme. If you do decide to join a local scheme, you can do this as an organisation, because you may well have resources you can offer to the scheme, or to other members of the scheme, and you can also encourage individuals in your group to join in their own right.

What to do: If you are determined to start your own scheme, contact LETSlink London and LETSlink UK. Both provide information and contacts, and you can subscribe to both. Detailed instructions are published by Letslink UK in its Info-pack, which is also currently stocked by Letslink London.. Letslink London will put on day-seminars and ongoing support groups for new organisers, on demand, given sufficient notice. As we are currently unfunded, if you are funded please be prepared to pay us for our time, if you are unfunded, please be prepared to take on a commitment in our own currency, links.